General Winter Tires: The AltiMAX Arctic

The AltiMAX Arctic is the only General winter tire on the market. If you drive a sports car, coupe, sedan, van or crossover vehicle, you'll appreciate these tires for their ability to enhance traction on snow-covered, icy roads.

This General winter / snow tire features an All-WeatherDual Tread compound for cold weather flexibility and wet traction. 270 degrees of high-density siping enhance acceleration, cornering and braking. If allowed on your roads, alternating rows of metal studs can be added to the tire to further increase traction.

All of this technology combines for a well-rounded (no pun intended) tire that keeps you rolling when snow and ice change threaten to stop you. At Tire Rack, we're a firm believer in the benefits of winter / snow tires and these General snow tires are without exception. (For more information, check out our library of Winter / Snow Tire Tech articles.)

Our customers agree. Here's what one driver said:

"Very good tire for the money. They perform well in heavy snow, slush, ice, and rain. They wear well and have good steering response for a snow tire. Their ability to grip in the snow is much higher than other snow tires I've tried." Tire Rack Consumer Review

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