General’s AltiMAX Arctic Has Marched to the Top and Never Left

The General AltiMAX Arctic has been at the top of our Studdable Winter / Snow performance category consumer ratings and reviews for quite some time. With high rankings in deep and light snow traction, ride comfort and treadwear, it’s easy to see why.

AltiMAX Arctic tires are pinned to accept optional TSMI #12 silver-colored metallic winter studs, however the tire has proven itself capable to handle tough winter conditions without them. Developed featuring a compound to enhance cold weather flexibility and wet traction, the compound is molded into a tread design with a Center Stability Rib and directional pattern to combine straight-line stability on dry roads with water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance on wet and slush-covered roads.

Having accumulated over 10 million reported miles in our survey results, the AltiMAX Arctic continues to hold off the competition with its combination of clear-road driving manners and sure-footed grip through the worst winter conditions. Take a look at what some drivers are saying about their experience with this class-leading winter tire:

 “I’ve had this tire on for 5,000 miles and been through torrential downpours, and a recent snowstorm, and nothing phases these tires. And mind you, my truck doesn’t have traction control and is RWD. Even when I try to break the tires loose to test them, they just grip more and more!” – 1996 Nissan Pick-up 2wd, New York, New York

Bought these tires for our first Michigan winter. Snow has ranged from about 1-12" and most driving is on packed snow, slush or ice around town and on lightly covered highways. Acceleration, braking and cornering traction is excellent in the variable snow conditions here; snow driving with these tires feels secure and predictable. I'm certain we would have been sliding all over the place with our all-season tires, so I'm glad to have switched out to these snow tires.” – 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback, East Lansing, Michigan

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