Forza Hybrid Silicone Wiper Blades from PIAA

In the market for a new set of wiper blades? Tired of listening to your old blades drag across your windshield every time you clean it? Consider the Forza Hybrid Silicone wiper blades from PIAA.

A side-spring frame design creates just the right amount of pressure to keep the blade touching your windshield every second it's in action.

In fact, the silicon rubber blade will coat your windshield with a layer of silicone that promotes continuous water beading. This, of course, helps you maintain a clear view in rain, snow and more. And with a powder coated finish and zinc plating, you won't have to worry about rusty wipers ruining your aesthetics. In addition, the Forza Hybrid features a wind-cheating Aero Cover that actually makes this wiper look quite sleek and contemporary.

You won't be disappointed in a set of PIAA wiper blades. PIAA manufactures world-class wiper blades using the latest technology and extensive methods of testing.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 by Silblade

Nice post! It's indeed an informative one. Wiper blades which are a scale of quality, highly durable can set off your car into optimal degree of performance.

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