Firestone Truck Tires Get "Big" Representation

Every Firestone truck tire is backed by over 100 years of industry research and manufacturing excellence. And since 1970, they've been backed by a monster as well. Yes, a monster. And today, Bridgestone Firestone announces a development in that monster/tire relationship.

Of course, the monster we speak of is none other than Bigfoot, the world's first monster truck. It doesn't fit just any old Firestone truck tire, but Bigfoot does use special edition Firestone tires. And has been since 1991. Though that won't be changing anytime soon, Bigfoot did just get a face-lift. According to Bridgestone Firestone, Bigfoot is now "emblazoned with the iconic Firestone shield in a dramatic new paint scheme designed to evoke the pride and tradition of the Firestone brand."

So keep your eyes peeled for Bigfoot—it likes to show up at Firestone tire dealers every so often.

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