Firestone Light Truck Tires: Pick Your Destination!

We like these two Firestone light truck tires:

Destination A/T (On-/Off-Road All-Terrain)
"I just got back from a hunting trip in Breezewood, PA. I had to do a lot of climbing up the mountain for the 5 days I was there. We encountered rain, mud, sleet, light snow and black ice on this trip and not once did I feel the tires slip. We drove across the top of the mountain range through deep, muddy ruts that only a 4x4 would be able to do. I highly recommend these tires for any off-roading trips as well as road trips." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Ford Explorer, NJ

And that pretty much sums it up. The Destination A/T is a Firestone light truck tire that takes you off the road—or keeps you on it. UNI-T technology blends off-road traction with enhanced on-road capability by merging a comprehensive design with innovative manufacturing. In essence, this tire is all about enhanced comfort, performance and wear.

Destination M/T (Off-Road Maximum Traction)
These tires are tough—an impressive tread design bulks up the look of your pickup or SUV while delivering performance levels well suited to rugged driving conditions. They were the first Firestone pickup tires to employ the UNI-T technology mentioned above. In addition, the tread compound has a special form of molecular re-engineered carbon black to improve wet road traction and prevent excess damage that can occur during off-road driving.

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