Find Your Balance

New tires rims wheels make for quite the exciting purchase. And it's a purchase you'll want to take especially good care of, starting with installation. All Tire & Wheel Packages from Tire Rack arrive mounted and balanced, but if you've purchased your tires and wheels individually, then you'll need to make sure that proper mounting and balancing takes place. Without it, the performance and safety levels of your vehicle could significantly drop.

First step: find a professional installer. If you don't already have one in mind, Tire Rack has an extensive database of qualified installers and we'd be happy to recommend one. Our independent Recommended Installers will not only have the right equipment, but they'll know exactly what to do to make sure your vehicle is properly balanced. 

What does it mean to be balanced? Tires are balanced when their mass is uniformly distributed about the axle, which means it must be properly distributed about the wheel as well.

Recommended Installers will make sure both tire beads are securely mounted, that the wheels are not bent or mounted on dirty hubs, that all lugs are torqued...essentially, they'll move through a checklist of items to make sure the tire is securely seated on the wheel and that the wheel is securely seated on the hub. 

And if that happens, you're good to go.

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