Extreme Performance Tires

If your streets are dry and your driving is fierce, you'll enjoy the benefits of Extreme Performance tires in the summer months.

Extreme Performance Summer tires are not, obviously, intended for snow and ice. And you'll probably want to avoid high speeds in high water. However, special tuning and aggressive tread compounds meet reinforced internal constructions for excellent dry road response, traction, handling—and high speed capabilities. (Not that we endorse speeding, you'll always want to drive within the limits.)

In "Testing the New Extremes of Extreme Performance Summer Tires," we conducted Real World Road Ride and Performance Track Drive comparisons on tires from Bridgestone, Kumho, Dunlop and Yokohama. And the entire group excelled. (Read more.)

But since word of mouth is also quite useful, you'll want to read what our consumers are saying about some of our best Extreme Performance Summer tires.

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