Ever wonder what it takes to make Brembo brake rotors?

They're some of the most popular replacement brake rotors on the market, and there's a reason for it. Brembo brake rotors are produced on the most sophisticated equipment available, all under the philosophy that "testing and re-testing to improve and perfect" is the only way to go. Here's an in-depth look at the company's practices:

First up, a prototype that undergoes intense testing to bring out any potential weaknesses. Testing is done on a test bench and a brake dynamometer, after which it's put on a vehicle so that trained drivers can "feel" any imperfections. When all of this is done, Brembo engineers review the results and make any necessary modifications to the prototype.

When the team is pleased, the prototype travels to the foundry where production takes place. It's a detailed process, but the Brembo team takes great care to make sure that every step is environmentally friendly. Raw materials are chosen and the product begins to form.

The machining phase is carried out according to the exact criteria outlined by the engineers, and with only a .0025-inch runout (which is exactly half of the industry standard). All products are electronically balanced, and quality control is ever present.

In the end, men and machine work together to create a finished product that satisfies drivers like you on the streets or on the tracks. You can rest assured that all finished products are examined to make sure the results are in line with Brembo's "improve and perfect" philosophy.

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