Eco-Friendly Yokohama Tires

We've only got one world, so for obvious reasons, leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is all the rage. We recycle, we plant trees—and we choose to buy certain products over others. For example, paper versus plastic bags. And hybrid vehicles. And most recently, eco-friendly tires. Tire Rack stocks a number of eco-friendly tires from some of your favorite tire brands. One of which was recently in the news.

Yokohama Tire constructed a "living wall" next to the first tee on the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links, which served host to a classic car celebration this past weekend. Yokohama’s display was 30 feet long and used 11,000 plants consisting of Dusty Miller and Sedum Dragon’s Blood to recreate its corporate logo within the living wall. Part of the display—the Yokohama dB Super E-spec. It's the world's first tire to use renewable orange oil with natural rubber, which minimizes the use of petroleum.

The dB Super E-Spec is also an excellent Grand Touring Summer tire for hybrid and fuel-efficient passenger vehicles, and is a low rolling resistance (LRR) tire which helps minimize the use of fuel. We tested it with a group of other LRR tires and found it to be quite comparable on the road. Read the full report, then see if these tires fit your vehicle.

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