Eco-Friendly All-Season Tires

Tire manufacturers are doing everything they can to decrease the impact of their products on the environment. Manufacturing techniques are changing—and so are the tires. Just as hybrid vehicles are gaining popularity, so too are eco-friendly tires. But how does their performance measure up? Tire Rack's latest Real World Road Ride and PerformanceTest Track Drive set out to answer this question.

We compared four tires: Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology, Goodyear Assurance featuring Fuel Max Technology, Kumho eco Solus HM KR22, and the Michelin HydroEdge with Green X. All of which are eco-friendly all-season tires.

Our favorite? The Michelin HydroEdge with GreenX Technology. It's one of the first of its type to hit the market, and quite frankly, it's still one of the best in our opinion. Grip was excellent, and the steering felt direct at all times. Not to mention it tied with the Kumho eco Solus HM KR22 for being the most fuel-efficient.

In close second, the Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology. And as you can see on the chart, it was a very close second.

Unfortunately, we weren't as impressed with the Kumho eco Solus HM KR22 tires. Despite the fact that it exhibited appropriate road manners, we felt as though it lacked traction. This tire is, however, built to provide a long tread life.

You can read our complete description of the results by clicking here, and then you'll want to shop by vehicle to see if these eco-friendly all-season tires are right for you. And as always, you can contact us with any questions.

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