Easy Storage Solutions for Snow Tires and Rims

Spring is here, and for those of you who trade out snow traction tires for summer performance rims and tires, Tire Rack has a few easy tire storage solutions you might be interested in

Let's start with the Tire Storage Rack. It holds up to 400 pounds, and beats a stack of tires in the corner of your garage or basement any day.

If the walls in your garage are consumed with racks of bikes or random pieces of yard equipment, you might have no other option but to stack your snow wheels and tires in a corner. With the Tire Garage, they'll be out of site and out of mind until the snow falls again.

The Seasonal Tire Tote is another tire storage option. They're especially great for transporting competition tires, but will protect your snow wheels and tires just the same. To create a fully enclosed tire bag, you'll want to invest in Wheel Felts, too. These industrial felt pads will close off the Tire Tote for worry-free transportation and storage.

As your tires online store, we do everything we can to give you the one-stop shopping experience. Check out our complete selection of accessories—you might find something you've always been looking for!


Saturday, November 6, 2010 by Terry

Why is the Tire Storage rack no longer available?
Monday, November 8, 2010 by TireRack.com Team

Terry, We had an error in the link that we have now corrected. We do still offer the Tire Rack Tire Storage Rack and the link above now works. We apologize for our error.

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