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If you want to buy Kumho tires, you'll appreciate our collection of test results.

They always say to "try before you buy," and we do...we try out our inventory of Kumho tires so that when you buy Kumho tires, you know exactly what you're getting. Our team of performance specialists spends countless hours on our test track comparing one tire to the next in an attempt to answer some of your questions before you've even had a chance to ask them.

Over 20 of our tire tests include a Kumho tire. For example:

"Is Platinum the New Gold Standard in Grand Touring All-Season Tires?"
"Testing Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires Without Ultra High Prices"

You can also read consumer reviews, as it helps to know what your peers are thinking.

"Best all-around summer performance tire I've ever owned and I've had a bunch in all price ranges. This is a very daily-driver friendly tire which still has plenty of dry grip and excellent wet weather capabilities." Ecsta SPT

"From the moment I started driving away from the dealership who installed them, I felt like my car was gliding. Not in a sliding, out of control kind of way, just a super smooth and soft way. Even when at highway speeds, the ride was noticeably different, better, softer, more comfortable. I can absolutely hear NOTHING from the tires when driving." Ecsta LX Platinum

"Probably the best tire I've ever had on my truck. I do some off roading and these are perfect for all conditons from loose sand to sticky mud. My truck will go anywhere. As well for normal everyday driving. I must say I'm impressed." Road Venture AT KL78

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Ralph Frank

A friend just bought 4 sets of Kumho tires for 4 trucks he has .He said they are great . I am looking for tires for a 2007 silverado 4x4 pickup .I use hunting pulling my boat and shopping and going out .I need a quirt tire great off roan and in the snow . Can you help me SIZE 265-70 17. Thank you Mr R Frank
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 by Ward Pearce

Tried Ecsta PA31 195-50/15 on Miata. Excellent handling, extremely noisy, tread separated on three tires at 10,000 miles.

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