Cryogenically treated rotors can improve brake system performance.

The process of cryogenically treating brake rotors can drastically improve the way a brake system performs. Cryogenically treated metal is cooled well below a zero-degree temperature, slowly returned to room temperature, and treated with heat to complete the process. Although you can't see the results, the metal is significantly altered and is able to stand up to abrasive wear. It's also much more durable. That means cryogenically treated brake rotors are denser and extremely smooth, both of which reduce wear and tear. And we all know how much our brake systems have to deal with.

At Tire Rack, the cryogenically treated rotors in our inventory come from Cryo-Stop. In addition to the cryogenic treatment, the Cryo-Stop rotors feature the company's Electrocoating finish to further protect the rotors against rust and corrosion.

"I bought a four-pack of Cryo-Stop rotors and high-grade ceramic pads. My OEM brakes were shuddering and squealing under moderate and light braking, respectively. The shudder went away when I swapped the fronts, and the squeal disappeared after changing the rear. Since then, it's been a smooth, silent and safe ride. Looks great, too. The black paint on the Cryo-Stop rotors is a nice touch, and I haven't seen any rust anywhere yet." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Honda Accord, IL

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