Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

Continuing our tradition of eco-friendly tire posts as of late, we thought it'd be a good idea to define Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE).

In the States, automakers must create a fleet of vehicles that meets specific average fuel economies—otherwise known as miles per gallon. For example, all cars made in 2009 were required to achieve 27.5 mpg. Trucks (including minivans, vans and SUVs) were required to reach 23.1 mpg. Remember, however, that those numbers represent an average. So if companies choose to roll out gas-guzzling monster trucks, they must also roll out smaller, more efficient cars in an effort to balance out their personal CAFE. Because if they don't, they'll answer to some pretty hefty fines.

So how does this relate to eco-friendly tires? Vehicle manufacturers are working with tire manufacturers to ensure that Original Equipment tires feature a lower rolling resistance that, of course, does wonders for fuel economy.

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