Continental Truck Tires

If it's time to outfit your light truck or SUV with some new tires, you'll want to consider these Continental truck tires and Continental SUV tires: 

The CrossContact LX is a premium Highway All-Season tire that helps crossover SUVs and lighter pickup trucks run smoothly on the highway. And if you take those same vehicles off the highway, these tires will help in lighter off-road situations. You get ride and noise comfort, plus traction throughout the year. Yes, even in light snow. Our consumers are currently ranking it 12th within its category of 73 tires, and here's why:

"I've been driving on the new Continentals and the difference is night and day. I have been through some major monsoon-type rain storms where it was coming down so hard cars pulled over on the highway. I passed everybody and just kept riding along. Believe me, these tires stuck like glue to the road." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, Dodge Durango, FL

In addition to the LX above, the CrossContact UHP is another great option. As a Street/Sport Truck Summer tire, it's designed for high performance 4WD SUVs. You'll get wet and dry road grip, directional stability and excellent steering response. A few years ago, we tested this tire with others in its category. The results are still quite pertinent, and you'll want to read our full report: "Refined Performance for Your Refined Sport Utility Vehicle." 

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