Continental Winter Tires

If it's below 45 degrees where you live, it might be time for you to switch to a set of Continental snow tires. While anti-lock brakes, traction control and four-wheel drive can help your tires reach their full performance potential, they don't actually increase traction. Just acceleration, braking and cornering capabilities based on the traction your tires provide. In other words, you really do need winter / snow tires on snow- and ice-covered roads.

Continental Tire is one of the leaders in the winter / snow tire industry. They continually support the theory that summer and all-season tire tread compounds toughen up as temps fall below the 45 degree mark. And by "toughen up," they mean that the tires become rigid to the point where traction is compromised.

The ExtremeWinterContact is an excellent Continental snow tire, which has proven itself in the harshest of winter conditions. We recently tested it, along with a few other winter / snow tires, in Northern Sweden. ("Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Studless Ice & Snow") Continental would be proud, as the ExtremeWinterContact tires provided very good overall traction and stable vehicle balance. Steering was responsive, acceleration and traction were good and we felt very confident in braking capability.

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