Consider ASA rims when outfitting your 2010 Audi S4.

The Audi S4 is pretty easy on the eyes, but if you upgrade to aftermarket wheels, it can be even more impressive—and who doesn't like to turn a few heads driving down the road?! We chose a set of ASA wheels for the 2010 above. ASA GT1 wheels, to be specific. At Tire Rack, we work with a lot of wheel manufacturers and ASA always comes through with high quality wheels. They're exotic, elegant and exciting. Much like the Audi itself.

Use our Upgrade Garage to see a visual representation of these wheels on your vehicle. You can also choose from other ASA wheels, too. And if you're really feeling the aftermarket itch, you can check out Audi tires from some of our reputable tire manufacturers, too.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011 by Ed

Buyer beware. The hub centric rings on these wheels do not seat properly and cause the wheel/tire to shimmy and destry the rings not to mention the horrible vibration that comes and go as they destroy your vehicle.

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