Come play in the Upgrade Garage.

As an online wheel shop, Tire Rack understands the importance of "try before you buy." We do everything we can to make sure that what you see on your computer screen is, in fact, exactly what you'll get. And we've created a virtual playground so you can literally try on wheels before you buy them.

The Upgrade Garage takes your vehicle's make, model and year and creates a representation of it. In addition, we'll show you a list of wheels that fit. Pick the wheels you like and we'll virtually install them to create an accurate representation of the real thing. It's easy...

And it's informative, because the Upgrade Garage doesn't stop at wheels. You're well aware of the fact that we're an online tire retailer, so of course we'll show you tires that fit your vehicle. In fact, the Upgrade Garage introduces you to a wide variety of aftermarket products like brakes, suspension, bulbs and batteries for your vehicle, too. You just can't virtually install them on your vehicle like you can wheels.

It's one-stop shopping. And it's fun, too. Come play.


Friday, August 21, 2015 by Sharoze Khan

I would like to upgrade my tires however it is an odd size. I have a 2014 Dodge Charger RT (AWD). It uses 235/55/R19 and what I want to know is if i can upgrade the width of the tires without changing the rims. Is that possible? im looking for high performance tires that can also be used on snow as I live in Boston, Massachusettes.
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 by Tire Rack Team

Sharoze, This size should work without issue and is a popular fitment for your era of F-150. --

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