Combat April showers with a new set of aftermarket wipers.

We love that they lead to May flowers, but if April showers are blocking your view of the road, it might be time for a new set of windshield wiper blades—if you can't see out your windshield, you can't drive safely. And at Tire Rack, safety is always a priority.

Valeo ultimate wiper blades feature an aerodynamic design that reduces vibration and judder, and assures high quality performance at all wiper speeds. And with an ultra flat blade, improved visibility is a guarantee.

"Liked them so much all my cars have them now. Long lasting and they don't skip. Here in Seattle they get put to use, too. I like them because they aren't noisy when there isn't enough rain to lubricate them." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Honda CRX, WA

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