Coil-Overs for the Race track and the Road

KW Clubsport Kit Coil-OverThe KW Clubsport Coil-Over is for customers who demand a better handling car during track day events, but also want a setup that can be used for every day driving. The set up ensures excellent handling, performance, agility and faster lap times.

Key Benefits & Features of the KW Clubsport Coil Over:

•    Height adjustable
•    Performance setup for the track
•    Linear, high performance race springs
•    Stainless steel “inox-line” damper bodies
•    Independently adjustable, low speed, compression/rebound forces

The suspension setting is adjustable to meet the requirements of your tires and the intended use of your vehicle based on the vehicle load and to better match your driving style.

For more information on improving your vehicle’s performance, read:

“Altitude and Attitude Adjustment”

Shop by vehicle to see which suspension components work best for your vehicle.

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