Buy General tires for your passenger vehicle.

Drive a sports car, coupe or sedan? If you want to buy General tires, then you'll appreciate the following Tire Rack Consumer Reviews.

Exclaim UHP
 (Ultra High Performance Summer): "These tires are great. They're comfortable and quiet. The first week I had them I was at speed in heavy rain. They were confidence inspiring, tracking well with no hydroplaning. They handle great and respond quickly. I'd definitely buy them again." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Volkswagen GTI, NJ

Altimax HP (Grand Touring All-Season): "This is my second season with these tires and I have to say they are the best tires I have ever had. These tires drive through the water like it isn't there. I drive a ten mile winding road to work every day and have yet to be able to push these tires beyond their limit! They stick to the road like glue." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, MBW Z3, NY

Altimax RT (Standard Touring All-Season): "This tire is a must-have and a great value. My expectations are surpassed with this tire. The snow is here now and I haven't slipped once. I haven't fishtailed, I haven't felt the tires give way to sliding. The summer was equally as great." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Honda Civic, WI

Ameri-GS60 (Standard Touring All-Season): "The tires are holding up well; the traction offered by the tread design is impressive. We have had no problems, and the wear rate is very good. We would buy these tires again." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Hyundai Sonata, IL

Altimax Arctic (Studdable Winter): "These have proven to be great snow tires. I have driven the car through some pretty rough weather on unplowed streets, and I have gotten through without a problem. My wife has driven the car on the NY State Thruway during snow storms and found the vehicle just plowed through everything." —Tire Rack Consumer Review, Suzuki Grand Vitara, NY

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