Buy Challenger tires (and wheels, too).

At Tire Rack, we like to play with fancy cars. We drive them, we test with them...and we dress them up in even fancier tires and wheels. The 2009 Dodge Challenger at right is a perfect example. We did a tire upgrade. But then we took it a step further and with a whole Tire & Wheel Package. Because really, it's the best investment.

Though it doesn't make the tires and wheels cheaper, it saves you money in the long run by helping you forgo installation and mounting fees. Yep, we send out Tire & Wheel Packages as one premounted piece. All you have do to is install them. And it's easy. Trust us.

So, how do you begin to put together a package? If you drive a Challenger like the one above, you'll search for Challenger wheels. Like the Sport Muscle BHP, featuring a machined finish with an anthracite accent. Once you establish the wheels, you'll know what size Challenger tires you'll need. We chose the Continental ContiSportContact 2, a Max Performance Summer tire.

This package could work on your Dodge Challenger, but you'll have to search by vehicle to see your specific options.

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