Buy car battery today!

Make today the day you check your car battery. It's the heartbeat of your car, and it should be in excellent shape. Tire Rack stocks a number of batteries from Braille Auto, all of which are ready to ship from one of our distribution centers.

Every Braille battery features an energy-to-weight ratio that leads the industry. Enhanced Mat Technology increases the surface area on the lead plates, while full-frame power path grids increase cranking power. And thanks to high-density oxide, you'll get true deep-cycling ability throughout the life of the battery. 



In addition, the Braille Lightweight Racing Battery series (also appropriate for daily use) weighs in at a significantly lower number than most auto batteries. But with heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts, these batteries steer clear of cracking and deterioration...both common occurrences in lightweight batteries.

Though not as lightweight, the Braille Endurance Series is also a perfect fit for daily drivers and racers. Not only are they highly reliable, they offer a longer battery life and are built using recycled lead and plastic for less waste and lowered costs.



See all Braille batteries and accessories at Tire Rack.



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