Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 Introductory Drive

Blizzak WS70 Preview TestWhen it comes to the worst driving conditions, many people think about winter's snow covered roads. And when it comes to the best way to tackle those roads—those same people think about Bridgestone Blizzak winter / snow tires. And they've done so for over 15 years. This season, Tire Rack is adding the newest Bridgestone Blizzak tire, the WS70 Studless Ice and Snow tire, to our inventory of excellent winter / snow tires. Earlier this year, we were able to preview this tire in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Tests were done on an indoor ice rink to simulate glare ice, and we also took to the track at Bridgestone's Winter Driving School. The track itself isn't flat, and they've covered it with a layer of ice and snow, so it felt less like a track and more like a real road. You can read all the details of our experience, but in a nutshell, we felt as though Bridgestone did it yet again with another exceptional Blizzak winter / snow tire.

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