Brembo Brake Rotors

Brakes can only withstand so much slamming. As with all good things, they must come to an end. But what many drivers don't realize: As brake pads wear out, the brake rotors do, too.

Brembo is known throughout the industry for their racing and race-inspired high performance braking systems. Over 26 million Brembo brake rotors are manufactured every year. While some of those brake rotors become Original Equipment, many of them are purchased as replacement options on vehicles just like yours.

Brembo OE Replacement Brake Rotors are designed to meet or exceed any standards previously set by your vehicle's O.E. rotors. 

In addition, Brembo features a number of brake rotors that upgrade performance levels, too. Choose from one- or two-piece cast rotors that are machined to exact tolerances, electronically balanced, and highly inspected to meet strict Brembo (and industry) standards.

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