Braille racing batteries embrace the checkered flag.

No matter how detailed your race vehicle is, there's only one thing your performance truly depends on—a good racing battery. And Braille Auto Development knows exactly how to make one. As you know, braille is a form of communication that utilizes touch. Applying this idea to every battery they create, Braille is able to offer drivers performance they can truly feel on the track.

Braille studies every aspect of a race car as it runs the track and the result is a battery that provides a competitive advantage—it's much more lightweight than any other battery on the market. And on the track, the lighter you are, the faster you'll go.

Tire Rack offers a variety of different Braille racing batteries and mounting kits. And not only is every Braille battery extremely lightweight, it also features heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts that resist cracking and other forms of deterioration. Shop the selection to find a racing battery you won't be disappointed in.

"I installed the Braille Lightweight Racing Battery (15 lbs.) into my daily drive. I searched the Internet and found these had really good reviews. When I received the battery I was shocked how little it was! The mounting bracket took a minute to figure out but once it was adjusted for the battery it mounted right were my factory battery was with the hooks provided. Overall, I saved about 16 pounds which is awesome. The auto posts included were a nice touch and everything seemed thought out pretty well." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, AK

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