Borbet Rims

A brand from Germany, Borbet wheels can be seen as Original Equipment on a number of Europe's most prestigious vehicles from the likes of BMW and Volkswagen to Mercedes-Benz and more. Borbet wheels are also available as upgrades to Original Equipment, which means that you, too, can drive on a set of premium light alloy wheels customizing the look of your vehicle. And Borbet has fully earned the reputation of being a premium alloy wheel brand. Every Borbet wheel undergoes extreme tests in quality assurance to cement that high-quality status. 

Here are a few Borbet favorites:




Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Guy

I have a volvo v70R 2006
Need wheels Borbet, you have only model TS, I saw model FS was also made
Do you have access to this model and at what price

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