BMW X5 Tires and Wheels

The BMW X5 is a pretty stylish SUV on its own, but with the addition of X5 tires and wheels, the cool factor goes up a little. Maybe even a lot.

Good looks aside, an X5 Tire and Wheel Package from Tire Rack adds a number of benefits both on and off the road: expert fitment, premounted summer tires and easy installation are just a few.

Your options are endless, but to give you an example, the BMW tires you see on the X5 here are SP Sport 9000 Dunlop performance tires. Max Performance Summer, to be specific, which means they'll give you extra confidence on summer's dry roads—even if it rains. These Dunlop tires are built to resist hydroplaning. And the wheels that hold them—Avarus AV1 wheels. The Avarus brand is known for flawless craftsmanship and elegant design work, which combines well with the Dunlop tire to create one high performance Tire & Wheel package.

Start your search for X5 Tires & Wheels in our Upgrade Garage.


Sunday, March 3, 2013 by D Yocom

Need off road tires for 2006 X5 4.4i. something near BFG Mud Terrains or at least A/Ts. Will need smaller rims also for package The package need not look pretty or cool, just fully functional../.
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 by ben@tirerack

235/65R17 would get you some all-terrain options, and we do have a couple of 17" wheel styles that fit. If you are interested please contact
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by Jamie Hanshaw

Hello, I have a 2001 BMW X5 4.4L with 19" OEM wheels. I'm looking for a very capable off road wheel and tire package. I really like the BF Goodrich all terrain TA or something comparable, any suggestions?

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