Big fan of Kumho Ecsta tires? Us too.

Although there are a variety of different models, all Kumho Ecsta tires have been designed to increase your vehicle's capabilities on the road. And that's something we can all buy into.

We'd like to recommend these two Kumho Ecsta tires:

The Ecsta LX Platinum is a Grand Touring All-Season tire, which means you'll feel traction from January to December. And that means you'll be fine in light snow, thanks to three different types of sipes in the tread design. When we tested this tire, we enjoyed the pleasant ride quality and reasonable tread noise.

The Ecsta SPT is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire that, according to Kumho, helps drivers "drive hard, go big and look good." And we agree with that. When we tested this tire, it exhibited proven wet and dry traction and a good ride quality. And it did, in fact, look pretty good on the car.

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