Best-Selling Truck Wheels

There are a number of performance and aesthetic benefits to installing aftermarket wheels on passenger vehicles—and those same benefits extend to trucks, too. Even SUVs. Aftermarket truck wheels reduce weight, improve acceleration and braking, add rigidity and increase the brake cooling process.

And they look darn cool, too. Check out these best-selling truck rims:

Ultra Rogue Machined w/ Black Accents

Granite Alloy LK1 Bright Silver

Mamba M2 Machined w/ Black Accents

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Friday, April 2, 2010 by Tim Green

Looking for a rim that fits Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar: 285/75r18 load E. I'm setting my truck up to haul 4000 lbs camper. 2002 f350 7.3l 4dr longbed two tone: burgandy with grey on lower half. XLT. I like crome with black. Looks are nice, but funtion is priority. Need heavy duty rims
Saturday, October 1, 2011 by Tommy

I bought a set of Ion Alloy style 179 (black w/machined lip and face) that I put on a 2002 Dodge ram 1500 4x4 Pro Comp extreme A/T w/285/70/17.These are horrible to balance. I have had them back to the shop I bought them from twice and to another once. I talked tto the shop I got them from and he said that it is how the tires rode.I'm calling bull#^*! on that cause I've had other trucks with more aggressive tires that don't shimmy and shake like that.I don't know how many strips of weights he put on the last time but something ain't right .I thought when I first put them on that it was in my front suspension,but it didn't do it with the stock tires and wheels 265/70/17,so I had everything replaced, everything.Seems to me the guy I bought them off of seems to thing every thing is fine.I beg the differ. Any advice would be nice.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by Ben

Hi Tommy, it sounds like there is either a balance issue, or the wheels are not centering precisely.

The balance issue could be from either the tire or the wheel. A shop with a road-force balancing machine would be able to tell you exactly how balanced or not the wheel/tire combination is.

It is possible that the wheels and tires are perfectly balanced, but the wheel is not centered correctly. If the wheel is not hub-centric, and does not have a hub-centric ring, they must be carefully torqued down before the vehicle is set down, in order to keep them as centered as possible.

Hope that gives some ideas to get started on figuring out what is wrong.

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