ATE Brake Fluids

When we think about our vehicle's brakes, we often jump to the brake pads or the rotors—but brake fluid is just as critical. It take the pressure we apply to the brake pedal and transmits it to the brake components, which then stops your vehicle. As proven experts in all things brakes, ATE delivers an excellent selection of premium brake fluids for a variety of different applications. You'll find the following in the Tire Rack inventory of aftermarket brake products:

ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid
• Blue tint makes bleeding brakes easier
• Ideal for race vehicles, but works in street cars
• Designed to last up to three years
• NOTE: This fluid is not DOT-approved in Florida

ATE Typ 200 Amber Brake Fluid
• Excels within extreme demands made on race vehicles
• Exceeds all DOT 4 standards
• Outstanding water binding properties
• Designed to last up to three years




Just remember that brake fluid, like all of the fluids in your vehicle, should be changed according to your vehicle's specifications. Especially if you're driving a race vehicle, where routine brake fluid changes are critical.

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