Are your wipers and lights ready for darker weather?

As summer winds down, our long days filled with sunshine are getting shorter. Soon enough, the sun will set at earlier hours, forcing us to drive home from work under the moon. And as temperatures drop, so does the rain until it eventually turns into snow. Rest assured, you've still got some time before all of those changes take place—which means it's the opportune time to make sure your vehicle is ready, starting with your wiper blades.

Tire Rack sells a number of decent options, including the Ultimate® Hook-Lock Wiper Blade from Valeo. And when you purchase one, we'll throw in the second free of charge.

You'll also want to make sure that your lighting is up-to-speed. Obviously, it's an essential component of your vehicle. Especially when the sun refuses to shine. We stock a number of different aftermarket lighting products from reputable brands like Hella and PIAA. You can shop by vehicle for a detailed list of suitable options.

To include aftermarket tires and wheels in that search, enter the Upgrade Garage. We'll show you everything we've got that would work on your vehicle. It's the most efficient way to shop Tire Rack.

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