Are you taking care of your performance rims and tires?

When you install a new set of performance wheels & tires, you can't help but notice how awesome they look. They're shiny, so clean...and incredibly impressive.

Enter brake dust, salt, stones, cinders and tar. The nemesis of any new performance rims and tires.

Very quickly, your rim & tires can become the dirtiest part of your car. And consequently, damage caused by prolonged exposure to these troublemakers can void your wheel warranty. The solution? Keep your tires and wheels clean. Here's how:

1. Coat your wheels with wax before you install them, and then periodically throughout use. This will ultimately make them much easier to clean.

2. Treat your tires and wheels much like you treat your car—with a little soapy water and a sponge. (Just make sure the soap is mild, not abrasive. And the sponge should be soft, not a steel wool pad.)

3. Use a tar and/or bug remover to prevent permanent staining.

4. Scope out automatic car washes before you enter. Some use acid-based cleaners and stiff brushes, both of which can cause damage. (To your vehicle, too!)


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