Are you driving on high-quality rims?

How do we ensure that you're getting the high-quality rims you expect from Tire Rack?

We start by taking a look at the manufacturing process, as it makes or breaks a wheel's structural integrity. There are a number of quality standards (production, quality, dimensions, finish) that aftermarket wheel manufacturers must follow. (Read "Wheel Construction" for more information.) Proper fit is also important and makes all the difference between good wheels and the best wheels. Dimensions, load factor and lug hardware play key roles in this quality department.

One again, finish is important. Type and quality will determine how protected your wheels are, and consequently how like-new they'll look years from now. Most finishes should be backed by a warranty of some sort.

The final step: Tire Rack constantly reviews wheel data from new vehicles to learn Original Equipment sizes and packages offered. Often, we supply technical data to some of the manufacturers outside the U.S. that may not have access to certain vehicles in our market. For many w heels that we import or represent, we specify the dimensions required to ensure wheel fit and maintain our high quality standards.

Bottom line, reputation is everything as quality tends to build a good reputation. And at Tire Rack, our reputation and that of the wheel manufacturers we work with is never one to question. We're committed to quality.

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