Are car and SUV brakes the same?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. They're very different.

It's fairly obvious that an SUV is larger and therefore weighs more than a car. To reference Sir Isaac Newton, that means a greater force will be needed to stop an SUV when it is in motion. It's the law of physics, and we've made it the law of brakes, too.

SUV brakes take into account stop and go traffic in a larger, heavier vehicle. Also towing, and the fact that SUV wheels and tires are usually larger than those on passenger vehicles. It's important to note, however, that not all Original Equipment or high ceramic pads are capable of handling these factors. And that's why SUV brake pads are so important—because they were designed with all of these factors in mind.

They were designed to reduce stopping distance and pedal effort, which makes vehicle operation even safer.

Outfit your light truck or SUV with SUV-specific brake components to increase your margin of safety and to improve your vehicle's stopping performance. Shop by vehicle, and Tire Rack will produce a list of suitable options.

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