Aftermarket Lighting 101

They're aftermarket bulbs. They light the road ahead of you. What's more to know?

A lot, actually:

• A headlight contains the bulb(s), reflector, lens and housing. Newer vehicles feature headlights with replaceable bulbs, however earlier vehicles have sealed-beam headlights where the filament, reflector and lens are combined in a single unit.

• Replaceable bulbs are typically twin-filament with a built-in shield that keeps your low and high beams aimed in the right direction. Low=forward and down. High=straight ahead.

• The bulbs should be as small as possible and accurately fitted, otherwise you'll get a random scattering of light. In other words, reduced performance.

• The headlamp lens actually distributes the light. Grooves in the glass function as prisms, deflecting light while reducing brightness.

Interesting facts, although not the end of our aftermarket lighting story.

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