AEM Air Intake Systems

They say their reputation was built with horsepower, and AEM proves it by taking credit for some of the fastest vehicles found on racetracks across the country. Extensive research and development ventures ultimately lead to high-quality products that enhance performance levels on sport compact cars. But they don't stop there. AEM creates a variety of products well-suited to sedans, trucks and SUVs, too. For example, AEM air intakes.

An AEM air intake system comes tuned and tested to provide a complete air intake system that consistently outperforms the competition. All AEM intakes will soft mount, which means installation is flexible to prevent added stress on the component.

AEM Brute Force Cold Air Intake Systems were designed for trucks, SUVs and muscle cars to gain maximum airflow without sacrificing low-end torque.

Cold Air Intake Systems were designed for sport compact cars and feature an individually tuned inlet pipe and exterior filter for a cooler inlet charge.

Short Ram Intake Systems are economical alternatives to Cold Air Intake Systems, and tend to please drivers who are concerned about hydrolock.


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