A look at the AEM cold air intake system.

With their knack for custom work and proven ability to develop some of the fastest cars on racetracks across the country, it's safe to say that AEM pioneered the cold air intake system in sport compact cars. (In fact, all AEM air intakes exhibit excellent performance.)

Specifically, the cold air AEM intakes are dyno-tuned to length and diameter. This forces maximum horsepower and torque more so than any other system like it. Take a look at what this previous customer had to say:

"Freaking wonderful noise! There was an installation issue as the factory airbox is a little different on '06 xb, but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. I did need to do a little cleanup with the wiring, but that was expected. What I didn't expect was the glorious sound this would make at full throttle. I'd guess about a 4-5 HP gain. Noticeable mainly when the VVT comes on. Great product." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Scion xB, FL

See all AEM air intakes, then shop by vehicle for a specific list of engine tuning products.



Tuesday, June 14, 2016 by hamood

i want cold air intake for my car lexus ls 460 2012
Friday, June 17, 2016 by Tire Rack Team

Hamood, Sorry, but we do not carry cold air intakes at this time.

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