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Vehicle: 2008 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring FWD
Miles Driven on Tires: 2,000
Location: Highland Village, TX
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
Yokohama Parada Spec-X
Follow-Up Review: 25,000 miles on tires
September 04, 2013
My original comments are still valid! The milage listed is combined between two vehicles but maybe not quite accurate since I'm guessing at what milage we traded the old CX-9 in. We got the new CX-9 last summer and actually had the dealer remove the horrible OEM's and put our old Spec-X's on! I am so glad we did because I would be cursing having to replace the OEM's right about Christmas time (based on previous experience). <br>But the old Spec-X's are still in very good condition with the wear bars between the two outer tread rows still about .2 from indicating - apart from two things:<br>I just rotated and inspected them this past weekend and noticed these items:<br>The inside and outside outer tread blocks on the drive wheels have little chunks of rubber missing. It's what they would look like if you always aggressively corner and shred the outsides of the tires - i.e. autocrossing. But since this is the wife's (family) car I don't see that being the reason. The other point is we pull a boat about 2 miles each way to the lake and when pulling out of the water we often times peel out a little, especially when the ramp is wet. Again, that's a momentary thing in the life of the tire. The odd thing is that it's on both the inside and outside tire tread block rows. A FWD usually wears out the outer row before anything else by nature...<br>Also, some pronounced wearing on the outer side has begun to show fairly quickly. It's enough for the snow sipes/rain channels to be 1/2 - 3/4 gone. Has rubber age caught up with it? I re-grooved the sipes and channels and road tested. Grip, noise, and handling all still good. <br>BTW - Hand grooving is only helpful if the rubber is still in good shape. Groving my old OEM's caused more noise, an even heavier feel, and didn't help the hydroplaning since the rubber had completely dried out and grip was gone.<br>Anyway, the rear tires are still perfectly square so I hope moving fronts to the back will square them up again.
Initial Review: 2,000 miles on tires
July 16, 2011

I love these tires on the CX-9! They are the smoothest running tire I have ever owned on any car. They improve the luxurious feel of the car and are much better than the stock HL400's. The only area they could be better in is steering crispness. I remember driving the car off the dealer lot new and was amazed how it turned into corners like on rails. But those stock tires were only good for about 15000 miles then became horribly slippery in the wet and began to wear extremely quickly, not to mention the steering became very heavy at this time. I used a tread grooving iron to modify/regroove some of the 1/2 shallow sipes & channels and that improved the hydroplaning some but the rubber had already lost its adhesive qualities and wet driving was a very dangerous practice. Since my wife & kids use this vehicle most of the time I was forced to get a new set ASAP.

The Spec-X's are a wonderful tire - not a high performance tire but it has good looks and very good performance along with the best ride in the world.

I just hope that they give me at least 1/2 the 60K milage they are warrented for without turning to crap after the 1st year and I will be happy. I've owned 2 other sets of Yok's on other vehicles and have always been happy. They had a tendency to wear quicker than I would like but I'd wrather have good handling/traction vs a tire that lasts a long time but is deadly in weather!

You will not be disappointed in the Spec-X's on your CX-9.

I will try to remember to update as I add miles to the car.

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