Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin X-Ice Xi3

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Vehicle: 2007 Mercedes-Benz C280 4matic Sedan
Miles Driven on Tires: 100
Location: Granby, MA
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
Michelin X-Ice Xi3
Follow-Up Review: 950 miles on tires
February 09, 2013
I have nearly 1000 miles on these now and have used them in and after two small snow storms and the big nor'easter on 2/8. On hard pack snow and ice these tires are amazing. Normal to moderate hard braking does not even engage the ABS. Acceleration potential is impressive. Cornering is very stable. These tires give a very confident feel. When they do start to slide, its very controlled. The cars ESP actually over reacts to the slide taking overly aburpt corrective action. Turn off the ESP and the car slides and regains its grip with just a slight throttle reduction. Deep rutted snow is this tires weakest area. It's not bad, but my old Ultra Grips felt better in deep stuff. You won't get stuck, but there is a pronounced feel of directional instability as they dig in. It's not scary, but not as confident feeling. They feel a bit like they float on deep snow. They will dig in however and you will get where you are going.<br><br>Overall, I am very impressed. You can drive with relaxed confidence on any surface. It's nice to just drive and watch everyone else spinning and sliding around you. A slight warning is that you can easily forget that you are driving on snow and ice.<br><br>Amazing tires.
Initial Review: 100 miles on tires
January 09, 2013

I wanted to give my first 100 mile impression while the feel of my touring MXV4's was still fresh.
I gave these tires a 90 mile test drive to get a feel for them in relatively clear conditions.

Outside temp was hanging right around 25F. At speeds up to 90Mph on decent blacktop these tires ride very smooth and quiet, track dead straight, and do not seem to have any detectable squirm.

On grooved concrete, they actually track a bit better than my MXV4's. Probably the softer tread was able to shift with the wiggle in the grooves. Noise on the concrete was minimal.

Sudden steering response became predictable after a few trys. Initial feeling of slight understeer as the front tires set up followed by the rear tires bringing the balance back as they settle into the turn.

Steady state cornering traction was tested going from warm sunny blacktop to wet shaded backtop on an offramp. Mom and pop would take this ramp at 25. I ran it as high as 45. The transition point was smooth with just a small additional drift as the pavement became colder and wetter. Overall it was very weel mannered and very predictable. On a final pass down this off ramp, I went from coast to heavy breaking just before I moved onto the wet area. Again, the traction was predictable with just a slight drift added as the tires gripped the wetter pavement.

None of this was done at the traction threshold, that was not my point.

My overall impression on clear, cold, wet and dry pavement and concrete. These tires have a nice ride, plenty of traction, very low noise and predictable response.

One slight oddity. Right around 47-50 Mph, I had a very slight cabin vibration. It was not detectable above or below that small range. Balance? Tread design? don't know.

Previous winter tires were Goodyear Ultragrip Ice. I won't bash the Ultra's, but these have much nicer manners on the conditions noted above.

I will add a snow/ice review when we get those conditions.

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