Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Defender

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Vehicle: 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
Miles Driven on Tires: 3,000
Location: Oconomowoc, WI
Driving Condition: Mostly Highway
Driving Style: Average
Michelin Defender
Initial Review: 3,000 miles on tires
January 06, 2013

I've had these tires for only 3,000 miles, but the difference was immediate. Switching from the stock tires, I immediately noticed how much better the defenders gripped the road. I felt way more in control of my vehicle and heard a lot less road noise. On the way home it began to rain pretty hard. I purposely went though puddles at around 45 mph and I didn't feel the slightest bit of hydroplaning. At stop signs I would put the peddle down hard, just to test them, and the tires didn't spin at all. Which is impressive considering the increased torque upon take-off with a 85 horsepower electric hybrid motor. Two weeks later, I got in a car accident. It wasn't my fault. And I have to note, the tires helped me avoid injury because they stopped me quicker than any tire I had before would have. I was seriously impressed by their stopping power. Since then, we've had a blizzard and I was again impressed by there ability to handle the snow. I got to be that Jerk speeding by everyone on the freeway. I never noticed any slipping or out of control behavior, even at 50-60 mph on a snow covered road. The one nemesis is ice. I don't know any tires that can perform like normal while on glare ice, and these are no exception, which disappointed me. But if a tire has to fail somewhere, it should be on ice. And its only fail is that it doesn't perform like normal on ice. However, it performs better than average. My other scrutiny would be that the low rolling resistance, while is noticeable when in neutral and just rolling down the driveway, it has not helped my fuel mileage any. In fact, I've noticed it drop a small amount. I was averaging about 43mpg, now I'm getting about 40. I'm thinking maybe it's because they're new and need to be broken in, so I'll provide an update if I can when they're older. In closing, I would without a doubt recommend these to a friend and I will definitely get these tires again because they're 100% impressive.

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