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Vehicle: 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe
Miles Driven on Tires: 35,000
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
Kumho Solus KR21
Follow-Up Review: 43,000 miles on tires
November 19, 2012
Got 60K out of the set of four (4) tires. Bought another set, Set of five (5) this time and picked-up a matching wheel so I would have a full-size spare And could rotate all five (5) every 5k. <br><br>Now we're coming up on 45K on that second set. This second set is not (repeat NOT) holding up as well as the first set. Everything is the same, great tire overall, EXCEPT the tread wear rate. There's no reason for the change since I watch pressure and alignment closely and rotate on a tight 5K schedule. I'm beginning to think Kumho must have chenged the compound for these tires. Hummmmm.<br><br>If all continues as it looks, I'll only get 50K - 55K on the five (5) now in rotation. I was expecting at least 80K. No way!!! <br><br>I was sold on these KR21s, but now I'm feeling a little let down. I'll be forced to start shopping for replacements soon. Kumho, or another.... Hummmm. still not sure.
Initial Review: 35,000 miles on tires
July 08, 2010

Had the KR21s on a year. Bought these on price and the treadwear number. The wife put 42K on our new '08 Santa Fe in the first year and the factory Brigestones were junk (little tread remaining, max noise and no traction) by then. The KR 21s were a world apart! Smooth quiet ride, very good wet & dry traction, suprising winter traction too. Had NO PROBLEM handling the big snow storm in Dec '09 that hit the Interstate(s) 64, 81, 66 area in Virginia & West Virginia. Seemed like everyone pulled off the road... we kept going right through it and even crossed WV on US 50. It looked like we were the only 2wd I saw moving all day. But I don't credit just the tires; some was my experience and some credit goes to Hyundai.

At 30k on the KR21s started to get a little vibration above 70mph. Rebalanced on the next rotation and NO MORE vibration! 35K Right now and the KR21s are measuring 50% tread from when my UPS guy dropped them at my door. I [faithfully] rotate every 5k and measure tread deapth across all tread grooves in two (2) places on every tire. I use those masurement results to adjust the air pressure as needed to ensure even wear across the tire. I don't go to tire shops--I mounted them, balanced them and do all my own work since the nearby military base has a fully equipped auto hobby shop that I can use.

I've (wife and I) have worn out lots of tires (all brands) over the last 30+ years and these KR21s are now starting to look better than any we've ever owned. The paperwork that came with them said they were rated at 85K for mileage. I doubt we get that because I don't run tires down to 2/32nds (the wear bars.) I start shopping 'bout 5/32s and buy around 4/32s. I'll get 60K and be a very happy camper!

It's a shame an American company can't produce someting like this--at this price point. Unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat(s)... I'll likely hit-up TR for another set of KR21s next summer... or sooner if the wife doesn't let-up on the mileage.

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