Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Hankook Ventus V2 concept2

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Vehicle: 2009 Honda Fit Sport
Miles Driven on Tires: 32,000
Driving Condition: Mostly City
Driving Style: Average
Hankook Ventus V2 concept2
Initial Review: 32,000 miles on tires
February 21, 2014

Bought the tires in 2012, and put 30K miles on it already. I've experience it on almost all kinds of weather condition - heat, cold, rain, heavy rain, light snow, heavy snow, and even some ice.

Comfort: Not good. The tire is noisy, just like the OEMs. What's worse, it sounds like you're riding on an inflated balloon - you can literally hear the emptiness inside the tire when driving highway.

Wear: Not good. Mfr says it's good for 50K, but mine is pretty worn after 30K. I consider myself very conscious about tire pressure, and I keep it at the min of 33 PSI which is suggested by Honda... however the center wear slower than the both sides, which suggest they have been under-inflated. As a result I tend to put 35 PSI during winter and release it back to 33PSI when it's summer.

Traction on dry: Pretty good. I'm not an aggressive driver at all, and I think the tires grip pretty well on corners.

Traction on rain: Average. Front-wheel to slip a little when road is wet and press the pedal harder from complete stop. Cornering is still fine as long as you don't go nuts.

Traction on ice: They're fine considering they're not winter tires. So lack of traction is expected, but at least I was able to get the car into the garage when the driveway was 100% covered with ice for 5 days early this year.

Traction on light snow: Again these are no winter tires, so I don't expect them to do well - but they're well enough that the car won't slip as long as you drive with caution and leave plenty of space ahead. For Honda Fit Sports, you can take advantage of the paddle-shifter to downshift instead of 100% on the brake while on snow.

Traction on heavy snow: The tires handle reasonably well for all-season. I was able to get out from deep snow on parking lot - and when I mean deep, it means the clearance between the ground and the bottom of the car.

In summary - the tires handle weather reasonably well for the low price, but the treadwear and road noise are below average.

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