Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Goodyear Eagle RS-A

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Vehicle: 2010 Nissan Maxima 3.5
Miles Driven on Tires: 59,000
Location: null, null
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
Goodyear Eagle RS-A
Follow-Up Review: 59,500 miles on tires
August 26, 2013
My initial reveiw did not permit enough space to add an important discussion. I think that the cause of the tire wandering was due to tire tread that was too squirmy. I think that the center treads on this tire were not designed properly or were inadequately cured, such that the center treads were folding to one side and then the other, which resulted in severe wandering. It would almost reach a dangerous oscillating pitch as you corrected for the wandering at highway speeds. This was evidenced, as I could deflect the tread about 1/4 inch laterally by hand just pulling on them with my fingertips! I thought that this squirmy tread as a possible cause, due to the stated design of the Michelin Pilot Super Sports, which I bought to replace the junk Goodyear RSA tires, which featrure harder compound tread in the center and softer compound tread on the outer edges, for superior handling and good tread life. I was unable to obtain ANY deflection with the tread on the MPSS, which made the GY RSAs feel like jello by comparison. As noted in my original review regarding the RSAs, the tire pressures were spot on (& I also tried increasing/lowering pressure to see if that helped), the car was aligned very well before and aligned perfectly after realignment, there was no suspension play, and I rotated the tires around to confirm that 1 or 2 tires was not the problem (It was all 4). The car immediately returned to a good handling family car, when I replaced the NEW junk GY RSAs with the MPSS tires! Note I drove the NEW RSA tires for about 1500 miles, until I could exhaust all other possibilities for the wandering problem.
Initial Review: 59,000 miles on tires
August 19, 2013

RSA tires are a dichotomy (extreme good/bad). I am writing to warn that GY must have changed design, manufacturing process/location or materials for the RSA for the worst. Our 2010 Nissan Maxima SV-Sport originally came with the GY RSA tire & we loved it for what it was (all-season performance style tire for family 4-door sports car). It was smooth comfortable relatively-quite cruising tire, and yet handled at 8/10ths of a hard core tire on this 4-door sports car (Note I own a 2008 Corvette Z06, so I know what hard-core cornering cars can do). The RSAs had excellent dry/wet traction with a confidence-inspiring heavy rain stability. It lasted 59,000 miles with even wear!! I only changed them then, as my wife began to notice stability issues in torrential downpours. Tire Rack had 4 different RSAs available in the size listed for our car. As an engineer, my wife has accused me of modifying her cars in the past. Normally, I found GY performance tires to be inferior over 20 years, but the RSAs were so good, that I paid extra to get the exact same tire. The new RSAs remained smooth and balanced, but suddenly the car would just not track straight down the road. At speed above 50 mph, driving became exhausting (constantly correcting for wandering). At slower speeds in parallel traffic on uneven roads, it wandered/veered so bad, that I was afraid I would sideswipe cars. It did not pull to one side, so was not 1 tire. Tire pressures correct & I paid for an alignment, although prior tire wear was perfect. Tried rotating tires. Still wandered. If these new RSAs had come with the Maxima, I NEVER WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT. THAT BAD! Then I read the TR reviews. Early reviews (Maxima model came out in 2009) were great on RSAs, but I noted a # of complaints after mid-2010. I felt sick about having to live with the RSAs, that I would go crazy. Tire Rack took them back for a full refund thru GY. TR sent Michelin Pilot Super Sports & problem immediately gone! MPSS=outstanding!

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