Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax HP

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Vehicle: 2009 Honda Fit
Miles Driven on Tires: 7,500
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
General Altimax HP
Follow-Up Review: 14,000 miles on tires
October 15, 2013
At 14,000 miles, All 4 Altimax HP tires started developing a bulging in the sidewall at the same spot on both sides of each tire. A Tirerack recommended installer racked the car and inspected and marked each tire at the bulge area.<br><br>The installer examined the inside of the tire looking for a brake in the sidewall indicative of road damage at the bulge areas and did not find any broken cords. There was just bulging from the sidewalls.<br><br>I cannot recommend this tire.
Initial Review: 7,500 miles on tires
December 02, 2012

This General Altimax HP from TireRack is an excellent option for the base model Honda FIT to replace the OEM Dunlaps, which is exactly what I did.

The Dunlaps which come on the base Honda FIT are 175/65-15. They are Low Rolling Resistance Tires (LRR) which results in a somewhat harder (and bumpy) ride on the light weight FIT. I changed my Dunlaps out for the Generals at approx. 35,000 miles.

The Generals do come in a 175/65-15, but I got approval from the Honda Dealer who did the install to use 195/60-15. Dealer said that this large size (195) is clearly still within spec.

We inflated the 195/60-15 General Altimax to the Honda FIT Spec of 32 PSI each tire, and they ran much smoother than the Dunlaps. They give the FIT more of a sedan feel and absorb the road imperfections much better than the OEM Dunlaps. They really smooth out the ride. Both in the rain and dry, the General's grip and hug the road like suction cups. You will have a lot more confidence in the FIT driving the Generals.

The trade-off in owning the General's over the Dunlaps comes in fuel mileage. What you gain in comfort and handling with the Generals is paid for with what seems to be between a 1-3 MPG decrease in MPG depending on conditions. This may be attributable to the lack of LRR on the Generals. Generals have a softer sidewall. But I feel that it is the LRR (harder sidewall) on the Dunlaps that results in a harsher ride on FIT.

I did test inflating the Generals to 37 PSI (these tires are 51 PSI Max) to improve fuel mileage, and it did, just as good as the Dunlaps, but then I did not enjoy the ride as much--it became just as harsh as the Dunlaps so I put it back to 32 PSI Cold.

So you have to decide if you want to give up a bit of MPG to get a better FIT ride.

Over the first 7500 miles the General's have been reliable with no failure. Recently measured for wear, the fronts were at 9/32 and rears at 10/32, with an even mix of stop and go city driving and highway miles.

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