Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax HP

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Vehicle: 2007 Lincoln MKZ
Miles Driven on Tires: 750
Location: Boston, MA
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
General Altimax HP
Follow-Up Review: 3,000 miles on tires
April 24, 2011
It's now spring, and we havn't had much if any snow since my last post. I did change the ratings from my earlier post as i have noticed some things as i have done more driving on the tires. I have had the tires slip and spin on dry pavement which i don't like. The steering response and cornering stability in my opinion still have alot to be desired. The car is still pulling to the right even though i have had the alignment redone three times by different people (a defect with the tire i guess, i cant come up with any other reasons) and before you say anything, yes, my breaks are fine and so are the break lines. they are not sticky, no the rotors are not wharped and the steering column is not messed up. With all of the problems i have had for this tire on the lincoln I would not but it for a heavy car again, my mother has it on her nissan altima and her car pulls righ a little aswell but she loves the tire anyway. I guess it merely a matter of preference and driving style. I will say this, and take it for what you will, I am a car dealer and this is a terrible tiree for a heavy car in my professional opinion.
Initial Review: 750 miles on tires
February 22, 2011

To start off, I know alot about cars and tires, natrually it comes with the territory (i sell services to buy cars at vrious auctions) the tire has a good over-all tread pattern which makes it great for snow and wet traction which has really helped me (living in massachusetts this winter we have had lots of snow) however I drive a Lincoln MKZ which is a VERY heavy car. With the tires filled to the recomended pressur (33PSI) I was actually scared to drive, the tires felt as though they were going to roll under the rim, I now have them over the recomended pressure (40PSI) to make them stiffer, which even at that they are still very floaty. Having the tires over the recomended pressure naturally has affected the ride quality making it much harder. Going from the stock michelins which arent the best rated tire (according to tire rack) I find the General Altimax (owned by Continental) a rather noisy tire, which i basically got stuck with because Continental haulted production of the ExtremeContact DWS which is the highest rated all season tire. I have also had problems with the tires losing air, i had the the mounting redone (rims reground, bead checked, new valve stems, alignment, the whole 9 yards). Overall I am very unhappy with this tire. unfortunately because the tires are so new i can not comment on tread life but i will post updates of the treadlife and if anything has changes with how the tires are. Honestly I cant wait to get out of these tires, any will not try to save money by going with a tire like this again. if i had the money id just take them off now and get new tires. But im not rich and cant afford that. Hope this helps

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