Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax HP

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Vehicle: 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback LS
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,000
Location: Oceanport, NJ
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
General Altimax HP
Follow-Up Review: 22,000 miles on tires
August 21, 2011
I've has these tires for a while now, and I thought somebody else would want to know what I've discovered: this is the BEST tire I have driven with in the rain, and I've been driving for almost 40 years! I don't know if its the compound or the tread but these General Altmax HP's are UNBELIEVABLE! I hardly have to slow down in the rain at all. I just went through the latest NJ downpour, and other drivers looked at me as if i was insane when I flew by them at 65 mph on the highway, but believe me, it was perfectly safe. The tires hardly ever hydroplane, and somehow the tread ALWAYS makes solid contact with asphalt no matter how much water is on the road. The cornering handling is just average when dry, but if you live in an area that gets rain, BUY THESE TIRES!
Initial Review: 1,000 miles on tires
October 22, 2008

I've only got 1000 miles on these but it's enough for a quick review. First off, I got mine VERY quickly from Tire Rack and had them shipped to and installed at one of their recommended installers. That all went smoothly. The installer was almost as surprised as me at the 51 PSI max. pressure rating on the Altimax HP , but he put in 50 PSI and advised me to let some air out if the ride was too rough. I often haul a lot of music equipment so I left the pressure at 50 PSI. Surprising the ride was about the same as my previous tires, maybe just a hair more harsh at that pressure. That same day, it poured out for the next 24 hours. This tire is GREAT in the rain. No slipping or hydroplaning, even at 75 MPH (I don't usually drive that fast in the rain, esp. with a full load, but wanted to check the tires out!). The previous tires on my Lancer were Yokohama, ugh! Worst tires I ever had in the rain & snow (yes, they were supposedly all-seasons), and they didn't even last 20k miles, even though I kept them well-inflated and rotated. Come to think of it, the Yokohamas that came on my Subaru Legacy didn't last 20k miles either. I'd avoid Yokohama. Anyway, these Generals also do well on dry roads. Cornering speed is pretty good and noise is almost non-existent. So far, I recommend them - ya can't beat 'em for the price either!

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