Tire Rack Consumer Review of the General Altimax Arctic

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Vehicle: 2007 Honda Civic LX Sedan
Miles Driven on Tires: 500
Location: Rochester, MN
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
General Altimax Arctic
Follow-Up Review: 63,630 miles on tires
December 26, 2013
I bought these tires in JAN '11. I run them year round, 4 winters and 3 summers. 3 of my tires are actually still OK with good tread, but the rear driver's side is quite worn with some bald areas. Hence, I've noticed some slippage this winter. I was also told the tires were cupping, and that might explain why they have been even louder the last year.<br><br>I live near Rochester, MN. For half the life of these tires, I commuted to central WI once a week. I then got a new job and now drive 70 mile round trip every day, plus drive all over the place taking my kids to various activities. I keep records of every fill up and have put 63,630 miles on the current set, give or take 50 miles<br><br>I am buying a new set from my mechanic, since they are not available on Tire Rack when I looked (original set purchased here.) I will have them next week.<br><br>On snow, deep, light, and packed, the traction is phenomenal. I take average to long curves 5 over speed limit without hesitation even on smooth packed snow.<br><br>These tires cut through slush and keep you going straight. In thick slush, you'll feel the thud of contact, may have to fight to keep steering wheel straight, but you can count on them to keep you going. <br><br>I had a semi pass me on terrible interstate roads once where my lane was packed with snow and slush. Truck threw so much stuff on my car as he passed, that it was literally like being in a car wash. I couldn't see a thing. I ran into thick snow and slush, and was forced to keep on the road by sound of tires hitting warning ruts. It was probably 15 seconds of being blind, but you try driving blind for 15 seconds going 65 on a good day, let alone lots of snow and slush. These tires saved my life. ---- you semi truck driver. Now, I will always speed up and refuse to allow a truck to pass me. These tires let me do that.<br><br>Ice, these aren't perfect. They do slip, but are much better than normal tires. They will eventually grip and get you going.<br><b
Initial Review: 500 miles on tires
February 02, 2011

I drive an 07 Civic in SE MN. The ride on snow, ice, and slush was terrible with factory tires. My back end would fish tail going 70 on a straight I90 if the wind caught it right with moderately plowed freeway. It didn't matter the amount nor type of snow/slush/ice, this car was not meant for winter driving. I'd ended up driving 40-55 around large bends due to lack of trust. Passing was out of the question if the median had any amount of snow. I'd lose traction. Driving on packed snow was very stressful, even straight. I am a competent driver in all conditions and have even spent four years on the autobahn. This Civic was the second worst car I'd ever driven in winter, only after the old crap rear wheel drive Buick with bald tires I had in high school. The front wheels of the Civic never lost traction, but the back wheels, forget it.

My mechanic's wife had the same car as me, but next model up. He told me about snow tires and the Generals. I read through the reviews here. I was interested in the Michelins, but went with Generals on my mechanic's positive feedback from many of his other clients.

Wow, what a huge difference! We finally got a bunch of snow the last week or two and I've been able to drive it on many different roads. I no longer fish tail whatsoever going 75-80 (to test) on packed snow! I can dart in and out of the median snow and slush with complete confidence. At the same high speeds, I have total traction around all the bends. There is no slipping when accelerating to pass.

Tires will spin from a stop on icy roads, but no fish tailing and it catches traction soon enough and off I go. Turns in town, no problem.

I actually seek driving on the snow with these tires!

Sound is about the same as factory tires, if not a little less. Tires do feel soft cornering, but never feels out of control. You can feel it side to side a tad on dry roads, but never felt loss of control.

Only 500 miles so far. First snow tires ever.

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