Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

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Vehicle: 2001 Volkswagen Beetle
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,000
Driving Condition: Mostly Highway
Driving Style: Average
Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology
Follow-Up Review: 27,000 miles on tires
November 07, 2013
Our diesel Bug is still dieseling down the road at 322,000 miles and these tires are 27,000 miles older. Based on the current wear pattern, these tires should go another 27,000 miles before needing to be replaced and will have enough tread to make it through this winter. <br><br>We were hoping for more longevity, but our Bug is well pleased with the amount of grip these tires have on snow and ice covered roads, and driving on wet roads is like driving on glue. Stability is more of a concern than tread wear for us, since tires are cheaper than insurance deductibles and replacing these after about 55,000 miles isn't all that bad. <br><br>Now for the promised fuel mileage results. Our Bug was able to scurry about another 2 miles per gallon. This may not seem much to a car getting up to 49 miles per gallon, but 2 more miles per gallon, over 55,000 miles, keeps $185 more dollars in our change jar and out of Big Oil's bulging pockets. <br><br>We found a good fuel efficient tire, now if we could only get our hands on the fuel efficient engines that are put into cars in the U.K., but not the U.S. Just take a look at VW's U.K. site and you'll see cars getting up to 60 mpg (even after the imperial conversion) that aren't expensive hybrids.
Initial Review: 1,000 miles on tires
February 23, 2013

We have the Extreme Contact version of this tire on our Passat and are very pleased with their handling in rain, snow, and ice. They grip the road well. Knowing this we were hesitant to try the Pure Contact's on our Beetle, but the additional fuel mileage offered by this new version led us to take a chance.

The tires arrived the same day of a major ice then snow storm, so we had the unfortunate opportunity to drive in some fairly awful weather. Our unfortunate drive turned to be fortunate one with the Pure Contacts. We soon discovered we were right to take a chance on this tires, they grip just as well, if not better as the Extreme Contacts.

It was as if the tires were made of glue and the road was sandpaper, or better yet they seemed to be made of magnets driving over an iron road. I deliberately tried to break traction on ice covered snow, but the car just would not go into a slide. Even on ice I was able to maintain good control, although on pure ice I did slide when trying to break loose, but I was able to quickly maintain control again.

There was no noticeable fuel mileage gain (or loss), but that is to be expected from brand new tires. Once we have some more miles behind us, I will post our fuel mileage results. We currently average 44-48 mpg, with our diesel Bug; even with 295,000 miles. Now if we could just get VW's U.K. version of the TDI Beetle. That one gets 60 mpg! Something VW will never sell in the U.S.

The tires were ordered on Friday morning and arrived three days later on Monday. Amazingly fast shipping. Thank you Tire Rack and Continental!

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