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Vehicle: 2007 Audi A3 2.0T
Miles Driven on Tires: 10,000
Location: Dallas, TX
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
Continental ExtremeContact DWS
Follow-Up Review: 20,500 miles on tires
September 04, 2013
I have now doubled my time on this set and just rotated & inspected them. The DW & S are still visible! I was sure the S would be long gone by now. I'm blown away by the longevity of these tires. I may have overcooked them earlier this year when I took them autocrossing. They were definitely too hard for that stuff but I don't have the $$'s for a spare race set. Apart from a bit of shoulder scrubbing that has somewhat smoothed out now I would say they broke loose very predictably and controllably. If my car were a rear drive I would have had no problem drifting. But these guys with an over 500 treadwear are not meant to race with! For spirited driving on the everyday road you can't beat their life. The everyday driver will NOT put these tires to the limit. BUT... if you are a very experienced and agressive driver you may want to look at the DW 's (no S!) I love these tires so much I wish they made a size for my CX-9. <br>I would wholeheartedly get another set except for the fact that I'm a speed lover and if there's another 10th to gain and another .5 on the g-pad on a daily driver tire, I'm all for it! I think I'm going to give the DW 's as shot next. But if my ride were a non-modified rocket I would probably stick with the DWS'!! Hands down.<br>One note - My brother has an A4 and tried these on his car but he didn't like them and he said they wore quickly. He assures me his mechanic aligned the car and he was using correct pressures... He went back to the OEM Conti Pro-Contacts and prefers them.<br>Hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm not convinced he didn't have some issue though. I KNOW he's not as aggressive as me on the road!
Initial Review: 10,000 miles on tires
November 30, 2012

I've had these on my A3 for 1/2 year - about 10K miles. They were astounding when I first drove them. The difference between these and the stock Pirelli 4 season is like comparing a BB gun and a 1911 in .45cal. They are so quiet, so smooth, so predictable. They are a touch on the soft side for very quick direction changes but for a refined small to medium sports car you can't beat the comfort and handling. They also stick extremely well for an all season tire. They enjoy rain but I haven't had a chance to try snow yet. Maybe this winter in N.Texas. The ONLY thing I may do is try the DW's next but it's hard to beat the longevity of these babies. At 10K I still can see the DW and S imprinted in the tread face (the indicator the wears to tell you when the tire is no longer optimal for Dry, Wet, or Snow). Comfort, Traction, Milage, Quiet... what ELSE do you want?? Low prices? OK - got that too!
BTW - My A3 is only a 2wd and modified to aprox 305hp & 335ftlb tq and these tires do an admirable job of handling that power with just the front two handling the power to the road. AWESOME!

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